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  • Our simple and effective Access Control Solution

Protection of your staff, visitors, temporary workers, but also your property and your data

No more need for key management

Reduction of security guard costs

Supervision of access to sites of all sizes, single or multi-building

Full monitoring of the movements of persons within your organisation. Who has access to which building

and at what time?

Strategic premises made secure

Access to offices by credential without the least cabling

Management of car parks and access by different vehicles, company-owned vehicles or otherwise

Authentication of your staff with the aid of accreditation cards

Full management of access control to lifts

Histories of check-ins and presences

Evacuation list management in order to maximise your organisation’s security level

Unlimited number of sites, controllers, readers, credential holders.
Up to 6 specific access rules per person and per site, plus an “Exception” rule.
Anti pass-back (time, single or double)
List of presences by zones
Remote access control
Mobile identification via portable terminals
People’s locations
Full management of access control to lifts
Unlimited passwords and user profiles
Interface available in three concomitant languages
French, Dutch and English as standard plus translation tool: translate the application into other foreign languages
Access rules that can be configured on the fly
Aids and wizards for swift and easy allocation of access rules to one or more persons according to your parameters (group, hierarchy, organisation chart)
Swift access to functions thanks to our dynamic interface
List of time-clock events as they occur with multiple selection criteria
Multiple technologies
Monitoring and controlling doors on a floor plan
Interconnection with other applications
Variable opening times according to user (persons with reduced mobility, deliveries, etc.)
Unrestricted access after first authorised access
Operator log file
Extended additional properties, configurable and journalled.
Automatic task scheduling
On-line diagnostics
Display of presence counters by zone (min. & max.)
Production and automatic dispatch of reports by e-mail
Office mode: use your credentials like keys
And many more beside...

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