LUXA 103-100 UA WH Motion detector (PIR)

  • 4.950.000 vnd
  • 3.960.000 vnd
  • Motion detector (PIR). Automatic lighting control based on presence and brightness. 1 channel, with acoustic function.

Function description

  • Motion detector (PIR)
  • Automatic lighting control based on presence and brightness
  • 1 channel, with acoustic function
  • Activation by the PIR sensor and deactivation by the microphone (microphone can also be deactivated)
  • Flexible installation options, ceiling installation using clamping brackets as well as flush-mounted or surface mounting using the optional surface frame
  • Mixed light measurement suitable for the control of fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lamps
  • Zero-cross switching
  • Detection area can be limited using three enclosed segments
  • Instant start-up possible via factory preset
  • No unintentional adjustment due to covered up controls
  • Adjustable brightness switching value and switch-off delay
  • Sensitivity can be reduced to limit detection area
  • Pulse function
  • Test function
 Operating voltage  230 VAC
 Frequency  50 – 60 Hz
 Stand-by consumption  ~0.5 W
 Light measurement  Mixed light measurement
 Number of channels  360°
 Installation height  5s-30 min
 Incandescent/halogen lamp load  2000 W
 Fluorescent lamp load (conventional) parallel-corrected  900 VA 100 µF
 LED lamp < 2 W  35 W
 LED lamp 2-8 W  400 W
 LED lamp > 8 W  400 W
 Lamps  Incandescent/halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, Energy saving lamps, LEDs
 Detection range  113 m² (ø 12 m | 360°)
 Remote controlled  -
 Ambient temperature   -20°C ... 45°C
 Protection class  II
 Type of protection  IP 40 (when fitted)


-20°C ... 45°C