Customised and energy-efficient lighting control from Theben

There are lots of options for customised and energy-efficient lighting. PIR motion detectors outside provide greater security. PIR presence detectors enable presence dependent and energy saving for lighting and heating. Theben twilight switches allow brightness dependent control of lighting and thereby reduce CO2 emissions. Staircase time switches such as ELPAreliably provide secure lighting on stairs and the lighting scenes of the Theben dimmers help to create a pleasant atmosphere at home

Hour counter

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BZ 142-3 10V Bộ Đếm Giờ
Price : 1.274.000 vnd 1.592.000
BZ 142-1 24V - Bộ Đếm Giờ
Price : 1.275.000 vnd 1.593.000
BZ 142-1 10V - Bộ Đếm Giờ
Price : 1.148.000 vnd 1.435.000
BZ 142-1 - Bộ Đếm Giờ
Price : 644.000 vnd 805.000

Sensor technology

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AMUN 716 R - Cảm biến CO2
Price : 6.775.000 vnd 6.775.000