PS-12A- Cảm biến chuyển động hồng ngoại bật-tắt đèn tự động

  • 970.000 vnd
  • 897.000 vnd
  • Hanseung/ Korean
  • 12 Month
  • The PS-12A is a smart device that integrates infrared and light sensors, auto on / off (lights, fans) based on human presence and lighting conditions. Sensor with high sensitivity and reliability, wide detection range (30 ~ 40m2). Applications: Automatic switch on / off lights and ventilators when there are people in areas such as lobby, lobby, parking lot, toilet, workshop, library, ..


The PS-12A is an infrared motion sensor, featuring the following features:

  • Passive infrared motion detection technology.
  • Sensitivity presence: 3 levels adjustable.
  • 3 activity thresholds.
  • Switch Delay: 1 ~ 240 minutes
  • Flexible installation, ceiling or wall mounting (with base not included).


sensing distance                                                                                    10cm < distance < 6m

sensing angle                                                                                                         100o

rated voltage                                                                                          AC110-220V, 50/60Hz

rated current                                                                                                     12A (1A)

current consumption                                                                                    less than 1W

output                                                                                                          voltage output type

dimension                                                                                     external diameter 110mm, Height 29mm