PCX 46S APP Trung Tâm Báo Động 8 vùng (max 46)

  • 3.249.000 vnd
  • 3.249.000 vnd
  • Pyronix/ UK
  • 12 Months
  • Control your security system from anywhere in the world with the HomeControl+ App. 8 independent areas. Connect up to 46 wired and 32 wireless devices and up to 69 programmable outputs

Control security from anywhere in the world
Now you can have a hybrid security system which you can control from anywhere in the world. Setting and unsetting, checking the system status and setting up notifications, you can now have ultimate control of your home security whenever required.
The versatile PCX 46S APP panel has all the features of the standard PCX 46S APP and more. Connect up to 46 wired devices such as detectors, sounders and sensors, along with 32 wireless devices including magnetic contacts, smoke and CO sensors using the RIX32-WE, providing new levels of flexibility.
And with the on-board and expandable outputs you can also control automation outputs such as shutters, garage doors and gates – all from the palm of your hand.

No on-site IT configuration
The HomeControl+ App is connected through a cloud server, so there’s no need to set up static IP addresses or configure the network connection on-site. Instead, simply set up an account on PyronixCloud.com.

Easy installation
Program panel, create account, download app, connect to cloud and the app is ready to use.

Inputs and outputs
The PCX 46S APP has 8 onboard outputs and up to 46 fully programmable inputs, including inertia inputs (fast zones). The onboard outputs can be expanded to 69.

Highly secure connection
The HomeControl+ App and PyronixCloud communications are fully encrypted to the highest standard and no sensitive user data is stored on the PyronixCloud.

Independent and sub-areas
Any input can be allocated to up to 8 areas and using proximity readers, the sub-areas can be armed/disarmed independently from main areas (5).



 Model  FPPCX 46S APP
 Control panel technical characteristics
 Two-way wireless technology  Using the RIX32-WE wireless input expander