FS-3500E. Đầu báo lửa, tự động phát thông báo cấm lửa/hút thuốc.

  • 6.389.000 vnd
  • 5.111.000 vnd
  • Takex/ Japan
  • 12 Months
  • The FS-3500E Flame Sensor immediately detects UV rays contained in flames to trigger a pre-recorded "flame prohibition" or "non-smoking" message output in a choice of 5 languages; English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. The sensor can be powered from two type-AA alkaline batteries (supplied) or hardwired (10-30VDC), and features a detachable base unit with a snap-in/out design for easy installation.

High sensitivity ultraviolet flame sensor
Detachable base unit with snap-in-out sensor design
Pre-recorded flame prohibition and non-smoking messages
Long and short message options
5 languages; English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
80dB/1m (max)


 Model  FS-3500E
 Detection system  Ultraviolet rays detection (185~260nm)
 Detection distance  10m (33ft) max. (7cm flame)
 Detection angle  120 degrees (conically)
 Detection sensitivity  Detection Sensitivity: 2 levels - H (100%), L (50%)
 Detection Timer: 4 steps (1s, 3s, 6s, 15s)
 Power supply  Type-AA alkaline battery (LR6) 2pcs / DC3V - included
 External wiring 10-30VDC (Polarized)
 Battery life  Type-AA alkaline battery: Approx. 2 years (stand-by)
 (Note: above figure is for reference only and not guaranteed)
 Power consumption
 (External DC power)
 Standby: 40mA or less
 Alarm: 300mA or less
 Signal output  Relay contact output NO/NC selectable
 Detection time plus 2 sec.
 Output DC30V 0.1A
 LED  Indication: RED
 Alarm: Flash during message output
 low battery: flash 0.1sec every 5sec
 Message  • 5 languages "Non-Smoking"
   ENGLISH: "This is a non-smoking area. Please refrain from smoking in this area."
   SPANISH: "Prohibido fumar. Abstengase de fumar en el servicio." Flame prohibition;
   ENGLISH: "Open flame is prohibited. Please refrain from using open flame in this area."
   SPANISH: "Prohibido encender fuego. No se permite el uso de productos inflamables en el servicio."
   Buzzer sound: PiPiPiPi
• Long/short message selectable
• Message repeat: once/twice selectable
• Volume: Mute - Max 80dB (1m from the sensor)
  Tamper  Relay contact output NC is issued when the sensor is detached from the base unit
 Output AC/DC30V 0.1A
 Wiring  By terminals
 Ambient temperature  -10°C to +60°C (+14°F to +140°F) without condensation
 (battery performance may decrease below 0°C and above 40°C)
 Installation  Indoor
 Functions  Tamper signal, Low battery indication
 Appearance  ABS resin (white)