BUS-50XF. Đầu báo hồng ngoại 4 tia, 50m, ngoài trời, địa chỉ.

  • 14.286.000 vnd
  • 11.429.000 vnd
  • BUS-50XF - 4-beam infrared detector is address sensor, four high-performance infrared rays, including transmitter and receiver. The high-tech, easy-to-install, professional-grade instrumentation offers the highest quality, reliability, and stability in harsh field conditions (noisy external light sources, strong electromagnetic fields). , bad weather, fog, heavy rain ...). The device is used as a security fence alarm sensor or safety watch (hazardous area, fire, high voltage ...). It saves installation costs (wire, pipe, labor) and maintenance by 30-70% compared to traditional systems, when deployed in large-scale applications such as plants, transformer stations, public parks. industrial, warehouse, port, airport, residential area, convalescence.

BUS-50XF - The infrared 4-beam infrared transmitter utilizes an infrared connection between two synchronized transceivers and dual coding for stable operation in extreme weather conditions. heavy rain, fog, outside noise. Main features include:

SAVE 30-70% COST: wires, protective conductor, space, personnel installation, connection, maintenance by connecting to the center according to the BUS architecture.
HIGH RELIABILITY compared to alarm systems using traditional connection technology.
TECHNOLOGY 4 MINI SCREWS: allows the removal of most false alarm causes such as small animals, birds, falling leaves, etc.
ANTI-INFRARED SOURCES: COMPRESSOR, FLUORESCENT AND CELLULAR MODELS help eliminate noise from external light sources up to 50,000 lux, such as sunlight, automotive lights, fluorescent lamps and mercury.
HIGH CAPACITY: 100 times the distance and 10 times the distance of protection to ensure stable operation in bad weather (fog, heavy rain, smoke, snow ...).
CHOICE 4 FREQUENCY: allows to avoid cross connection with other pair of detectors in stacked or serial applications.
T-SHRINK SPEED CONTROL: at 2 levels suitable for different distances.
A special anti-pollution system eliminates the effects of electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic induction.
The PROGRAMMED AGC automatically maintains the sensitivity that is appropriate for the operating environment.
AUTO-GAIN LOCK: The threshold for the automatic winding is set optimally according to the actual distance.
REMOTE ALARM: The LED on the receiver automatically flashes after 5 minutes and clears itself after 55 minutes of alarm or manual operation.
QUALIFIED QUICK INSTALLATION: Thanks to the improved look and feel of the color, the optical module has a 180 ° horizontal rotation angle and ± 20 ° vertical angle (compared to ± 10 ° on the Otherwise it is not necessary to mount the sets opposite one another. Wireless alignment (optional) allows one person to easily calibrate.
EASY ADJUSTMENT: check signal level by sound, LED, test plug (with voltmeter).
INSECT CLEANING: The optical module is protected against insect infiltration
DIMENSIONS: The top cover design is particularly active when it is dew-frosted.
WARNING: A signal is automatically sent when the beam intensity to the receiver is reduced to an acceptable level.
WIDE INNOVATIVE SPECTRUM TOOLS vs. other devices of the same type.
IP65 rated, improves durability in outdoor environments.
FLEXIBLE OPERATION: with 4 rays, 2 rays above or below.
ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENT: 50% less electricity consumption than other appliances of the same type, RoHS compliant (on the use of hazardous substances).
Up to 10,000V (normal mode) and 15,000VDC (common mode)
EXTENSIVE EASY: with one input on the receiver to connect to other common sensors.